Leather & Weave:

The online shop of Afropacific Enterprise

Afropacific Enterprise bring you ethically sourced exotic bags, baskets and textiles from around the world.

From Ghana we bring you, African Bolga baskets, Jute Chaka bags, and African wax print and batik fabrics.

Mali is the source of Mali Mudcloth – cotton dyed with fermented mud and traditionally known as Bògòlanfini or Bogolan.

Leather handbags, shoulder bags and backpacks featuring the traditional appliqued fabrics of the Kuna people are sourced from Colombia and Panama, while Wayuu mochilas (crocheted yarn bags) are sourced from Colombia alone.

Ecuador and Peru are the origin of a variety of leather and suede handbags, shoulder bags and backpacks, which may also feature traditional textiles.

Our line of Moroccan handcrafted leather bags includes contemporary and tribal styles.

The majority of Leather & Weave’s products are handmade by indigenous artisans and are uniquely individual. Enjoy the journey and our collections!